Bulk Seed List 2016

We are your one stop garden shop for bulk seed! We now carry over 90 varieties of bulk seed in addition to seed potatoes, onion plants, asparagus and sweet potato plants. So ALL of your garden needs are at one convenient location.

Tomato Better Boy
Tomato Big Boy
Tomato Early Girl
Tomato Red Cherry
Pepper California Wonder
Corn Peaches & Cream
Corn Ambrosia
Corn Bodacious
Corn Illini
Corn Argent
Bean Top Crop Bush
Bean Contender Bush
Bean Lima Henderson Baby
Bean Jade Bush 2
Bean Wax Cherokee Bush
Bean Lima Fordhook 242 Bush
Turnip Purple Top w/Globe
Spinach Bloomsdale
Pea Oregon Sgr PD 2 Snow
Pea Knight Shelling
Pea Little Marvel Shelling
Pea Sugar Snap
Radish Cherry Belle
Radish French Breakfast
Radish White Icicle
Beet Detroit Dark Red
Popcorn Purdue 410
Cabbage Copenhagen Market
Cabbage Golden Acre
Cantaloupe Superstar
Kohlrabi Ely White Vienna
Cauliflower Snowball
Cucumber Tendergreen Burpless
Cucumber National Pickling
Cucumber Straight Eight
Collards Georgia Southern
Okra Clemson Spineless
Squash Zuc Gold Rush
Squash Spag Winter
Squash B’Nut Waltham Winter
Squash Acorn Table Queen
Carrot Danvers Half Long
Lettuce Simpson Black
Lettuce Buttercrunch
Lettuce Parris Island
Kale Red Russian
Kale Lacinato/Dinosaur
Swiss Chard Fordhook

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