Wholesale Christmas Items


Christmas is a joyous time! Let the team at Frericks Gardens help drive sales to your store this Christmas. We have a variety of poinsettias and mounds and pillows. Below is a listing of some of our products. Please contact your sales representative for more information and download our order form.


10” Pot Poinsettia Red or White

10 Bulb Pan Poinsettia Red or White

8” Pot Poinsettia Red, Pink or White

7” Pot Poinsettia Red, Pink, White, Marble

6” Pot Poinsettia Red, Pink or White

4” Pot Poinsettia Red Pink White Marble or Red Glitter

4 Plant Pinched Red or White

3 Plant Pinched Red Glitter or Three Wise Men

2 Plant Pinched Premium Ice Crystal, Red Glitter, Red/White

1 Plant Pinched Marble, Premium Ice Crystal, Red Glitter


10” Pot with Greens Undecorated

12” Pot with Greens Undecorated


Grave Mounds (4.5’ x 2.5’)

Pillows (36” x 24”)

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