Company History

1906: John Frericks farms along what is now North 12th Street and begins raising produce to supplement income from row crops. He goes house to house to sell the vegetables.

1924: Albert Frericks, son of John, takes over business after the death of his father.

1934: The first small shed is built on 12th Street to sell vegetables. Also began selling to local groceries.

1945: A new building built to sell produce. It stood until 1994. Produce shipped as far as St. Louis and Chicago.

1946: Alfred “Brown” Frericks joins the business.

1953: The first greenhouse, 20 feet by 100 feet, is erected. Plants are raised for retail selling for the first time.

1959: Started wholesaling plants locally along with vegetables.

1964: Alfred “Brown” takes over the business. The first delivery routes established to wholesale flowers and vegetable plants.

1968: A new greenhouse for retail use is erected. It is 60 feet by 60 feet and has a fiberglass roof. Wholesale routes are expanded. By this time vegetables are being grown on 42 acres. Shipping vegetables starts with strawberries in late May and goes through November with seasonal crops. Greenhouse space covers 35,000 square feet.

1970: Dan Frericks, son of Alfred “Brown” joins the business.

1972: Kevin Frericks, son of Alfred “Brown” joins the business. Additional greenhouse space added.

1975: The first building is erected for soil preparation and shipping. As the greenhouse side of the business grows, the vegetable portion becomes less profitable. Vegetable production is stopped while the wholesale and retail aspects of plants are expanded.

1976: A Pier One Imports franchise added for a gift line and accessories.

1979: Pier One is dropped though a gift line continues.

1980: Frericks Gardens starts delivery routes to florists in a 100-mile radius of Quincy. Starts growing potted plants like mums and kalanchoes and buys foliage plants from Florida to supply new customers.

1984: Dan and Kevin Frericks buy the wholesale portion of the business.

1987: Dan and Kevin purchase the retail business from their parents.

1990: A new greenhouse is built for retail, covering 9,000 square feet.

1991: Frericks Gardens joins FTD and Teleflora wire services to complement its retail sales.

1994: The old retail block building is demolished and a new steel building is built. By this time, the wholesale division had 80,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Five delivery routes are in use.

1998: Frericks Gardens buys Hobies Tropical Plants of Jacksonville.

1999: Frericks Gardens buys Southtown Plants of Jacksonville. A new 8,000 square foot shipping and receiving building is built. Greenhouse space now amounts to 110,000 square feet. Florists within 150 miles of Quincy are served. Three routes stop at 180 to 200 customers a week. During the holidays, two more trucks are added to delivery. During spring, three extra trucks are leased. Nate Frericks, son of Dan, and Rome, son of Kevin, join the business, making them the fifth generation.

2001: 13,000 square feet of state of the art greenhouses were completed. Open roof style, operated by computers. Computers would open and close roof and ends as required for the different greenhouse crops growing at that time. Added 25,000 square feet of outdoor production area for some summer and fall crops that grow better outdoors.

2005: Added another 13,000 square feet of greenhouse onto the 2001 addition, in the same style. Also added another 25,000 square feet to the outdoor production area. Dan and Nate became sole owners of Frericks Gardens and Frericks Gardens Florist and Gifts.

2017: New Frericks Greenhouse.

2019: Newest Frericks Greenhouse with all the latest technology giving the Wholesale and Retail businesses having over 160,000 square feet of greenhouses (the largest in the tri-state area)

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